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Horror Movie Hotties: 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

There's no telling just yet whether or not THE SHALLOWS should be classified as a straight-up "monster flick" or a suspenseful survivor story with horror elements. One thing is for sure, though: a big, scary shark is involved.  That's enough info to catch the attention of those of us who hate the ocean with a passion. However, there's obviously been an...
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Horror Movie Hotties: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Moving away from our usual schtick, which usually either involves nudity and/or monster chicks making out with each other, today's clip comes from (brace yourselves) a PG-13 movie. Surely I'm not the only one J.J. Abrams tricked into thinking 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE was a sequel to the 2008 film CLOVERFIELD. Actually, some might consider that title a straight up "lie"...
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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: JUNE & JULY 2016

The summertime heat starting to get to you? Well then, why not just crank up the AC, buy some new horror Blu-rays and call it a day? June and July have some sweet releases in store; I may never leave home again, in fact. (Been looking for an excuse anyway.) June brings us Fox's limited X-Files event series, the Sarah Wayne Callies-led THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR and Scream...
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Frank Grillo gets his badass on in this Beyond Skyline image

Frank Grillo is having a great year. Ever since he was brought to the forefront of the horror community in the pretty decent PURGE: ANARCHY, he has pretty much become a genre superstar. He'll be appearing in the thriller WOLF IN THE WILD (which we reported on just this morning), this year's PURGE: ELECTION YEAR , and this weekend's preordained supersmash hit CAPTAIN...
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Top 10 Genre Joints To See This Summer!

Say what now...summertime already?! But it is folks, it is. So strange, but it seems the cinematic slate of summer blockbusters comes earlier and earlier every year much so that instead of June-September, the unofficial movie summer-slam occurs from about May-August. And the front-end kicks off in a like a week! You already know what that means, right? Right, we're previewing the...
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Paradox (Movie Review)

PLOT: A group of independent scientists successfully create a time machine and send one of their own a single hour into the future. When the man arrives, he finds the entire crew dead as Dillinger. What gives? REVIEW: Following a near decade long directorial respite (PUMPKINHEAD 4) and a couple years toiling around in television (Femme Fatales), writer/director Michael Hurst...
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Frank Grillo is not having a good time in this Beyond Skyline image

The SKYLINE sequel  BEYOND SKYLINE has dropped its first new image, of a cowering Frank Grillo in the forest. It was smart of them to lead with Grillo, because he's by far their most sellable element, other than the fact that THE RAID stars Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian have signed on to perform in the film and choreograph the fights. Hell, has a very good chance to...
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Alien invasion thriller Alienate releases a new trailer and poster

  Giving itself comparisons to The X-Files, MONSTERS and INDEPENDENCE DAY, first time director Michael Shumway's thriller ALIENATE is looking to make a name for itself in the world of sci-fi. The flick, which stars Blake Webb and Tatum Langton, just unveiled a new trailer and poster, both of which can be seen below. The plot: David leaves home for a business trip. When airplanes...
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The 5th Wave (Movie Review)

PLOT: When young Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz) is ripped apart from her family amid an alien incursion, she's tasked with trekking the Ohioan wilderness in order to retrieve her little brother Sam (Zachary Arthur) from a nearby military base. REVIEW: As you might expect from a director who brands himself J Blakeson , or more accurate yet, from the grossly overpaid dreck-hound...
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Synchronicity (Movie Review)

PLOT: Upon inventing a time travel machine, an amateur physicist named John Beale is suddenly trapped in a causal time loop that pits him against a sexy femme fatale and an evil corporation intent on buying him out. REVIEW: After a three year stint staking a claim to his name in the kitschy campground of MTV's MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16, writer/director Jacob Gentry returns...
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The Arrow's Top 10 Horror Hotties of 2015

2015 was all about challenging roles for women in Horror/Sci-Fi/Thrillers and here are the 10 that stayed with me the most in terms of talent and melting the screen with a healthy dose of sexyness. Hope ya dig!
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Horror Movie Hotties: Decoys 2 (2007)

It's Christmas Eve, folks, and nothing screams "holiday cheer" like a sex scene that ends with snow covered in blood. St. Nick must be looking out for us, because that's exactly what we have in store today. Evil aliens, especially those with tentacles, have been possessing hot chicks in horror films for a very long time, but there's something about the...
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