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'Fin-ternational' Sharknado 5 starts filming today

Oh, boy. It was bound to happen. I have not seen any of the SHARKNADO motion pictures. A choice few people have told me I'm missing out. Okay. Sure. Whatever you say, guys. That said, I do have a bit of respect for the brand as the titles for the sequels are rather fun, in a massively self-aware sense. Live and let live, am I right?  If these flicks float your boat - or...
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Ice Sharks and Planet of the Sharks to premiere on Syfy this week

The SHARKNADO franchise gets most of the love and attention, but they're not the only shark movies The Asylum has to offer, and Syfy is about to prove it. We're currently in the midst of Syfy's Sharknado Week event, a week building up to the July 31st premiere of the Asylum/Syfy co-production SHARKNADO: THE 4TH AWAKENS , and among the movies on the schedule are several...
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Tara Reid's Sharknado 4 fate revealed; Gilbert Gottfried & more join cast

As you may or may not recall, SHARKNADO 4: THE 4TH AWAKENS is picking up on a cliffhanger regarding the fate of Tara Reid's April Wexler. Viewers had the opportunity to vote whether or not she should live or die, and the answer has finally been revealed... You can check out the official announcement in the video below! SHARKNADO 4 has also added a whole drift of new cameos...
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The stars are out to play in this Sharknado 4 spot

The world wasn't ready for the sharknado, but the sharknado was ready for it. SHARKNADO 4: THE 4TH AWAKENS is well on its way with a heretofore unprecedented mountain of cameos. This newest TV spot calls out these generous celebrities willing to donate a day of their time to this increasingly notorious SyFy franchise. Check it out below! Five years after the East...
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This Sharknado 4 teaser hits the slots in Las Vegas

When long-running franchises begin to wear thin, they tend to hit the road and visit special landmarks. The Critters went to space. Jason took Manhattan (and space). Pinhead went to the past (and space). And Leprechaun went to da hood, Las Vegas, and... you guessed it, space.  SHARKNADO 4: THE 4TH AWAKENS already has its space quotient locked down with all the STAR WARS...
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Sharknado 4 gets spacey poster, strange cabal of cameos led by Stacey Dash

SHARKNADO 4: THE 4TH AWAKENS ain't messing around. OK, it's  exclusively  messing around, but it's pretty serious about it. In addition to releasing a sci-fi tinged poster that's a parody of STAR WARS (check it out below!), they've announced a whole slew of cameos.  At the forefront is CLUELESS' Stacey Dash, who will be playing the mayor...
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Fuse to premiere Asylum's Zoombies this May

ZOOMBIES , The Asylum's animal zombie flick, has already come to life on DVD , but you and I both know a film like this belongs on TV. Luckily, the Fuse network knows it too, and they've set ZOOMBIES for a world television premiere on Friday, May 13th , the same day as Ben Wheatley's HIGH-RISE and Greg McLean's THE DARKNESS .  ZOOMBIES will premiere at...
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Of course Sharknado 4 is named after a Star Wars film

SHARKNADO 4: THE 4TH AWAKENS . No, this isn't an April Fool's Day prank. Well, come to think of it, the whole SHARKNADO franchise is kind of a prank on the human race, isn't it? Did anybody think we'd actually be getting a third sequel to the runaway social media hit? To be fair, they cost about five dollars to make, so they could pretty much keep churning them...
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Gary Busey, Cheryl Tiegs and more join Sharknado 4

The annual tradition of SHARKNADO movies will continue this July, when the Asylum production SHARKNADO 4 is set to make its premiere on Syfy. The fourth film in the flying fish franchise is headed up by returning cast members Ian Ziering and Tara Reid as shark fighters Fin Shepard and April Wexler, David Hasselhoff as Fin's father Colonel Gil Shepard, and Ryan Newman as Fin...
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The Asylum sets loose undead animals in Zoombies

Zombie entertainment rarely deals with the question of whether or not animals can become one of the living dead. Sure, PET SEMATARY showed us the dangers of burying pets in the wrong plot of land, but what would happen if a zombie bit a bonobo on The Walking Dead? The Asylum has taken note of the animal kingdom's lack of representation in zombie films and has done something...
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Little Dead Rotting Hood rides into town in January

Get it? LITTLE DEAD ROTTING HOOD ?! Awesome title. This sinister new take on the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale comes from The Asylum and stars Bianca A. Santos, Eric Balfour, Romeo Miller aka Lil’ Romeo, Patrick Muldoon, Heather Tom and Marina Sirtis. Take a gander at that promo poster and tell me you're not frothing at the mouth already for this baby. Here's the plot:...
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Archie vs. Sharknado comic crossover shark-tacular hitting shelves in July!

In what could be the craziest comic crossover since...well, "Archie vs. Predator" , we will soon see Archie and the Riverdale gang facing their biggest and baddest threat ever in "Archie vs. Sharknado" in July, according to Deadline. Written by SHARKNADO trilogy director Anthony C. Ferrante, with art by Archie’s Dan Parent, a huge fan of the SHARKNADO...
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