End Times trailer: The Asylum zombie film will be in theatres and on VOD this weekend

The Asylum has unveiled a trailer for the zombie film End Times, which reaches theatres and VOD this weekend

End Times, the latest from The Asylum, will be receiving a VOD and limited theatrical release this Friday, July 14th, and today we’ve gotten our hands on the trailer for the film. Check it out in the embed above!

Written and directed by Jim Towns, whose previous credits include House of Bad and The Possession of Anne, End Times follows a pair of mismatched travelers, Claire and Freddie (Bernadette and Stark), as they try to escape a deadly pandemic that has turned Los Angeles into a zombie-infested wasteland. Claire is a privileged young suburbanite ill-equipped to survive in this hostile new landscape, until she meets Freddie, a retired soldier who lost his daughter to the virus. As they travel together to reach the perimeter, Freddie teaches Claire the skills that will enable Claire to survive, and the uneasy partnership between the two grows into something more akin to a father/daughter relationship. Before they can reach safety, the two will have to escape brutal gangs, cannibals, cults, and the undead.

The film stars Jamie Bernadette (I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu) and Craig Stark (Intruder). Bernadette and Stark also produced the film alongside Towns.

Bernadette provided the following statement: “We have a heartfelt horror here that has not only scared those who have previewed the film, but has also left them in tears at the end. Perhaps the toughest acting I have ever done is in the last 20 or so minutes of this film—yes, maybe even tougher than I Spit on Your Grave if you can believe that ha ha. It tried me as an artist, pushed me as an actor, and tested me as a person. I owe a big thank you to actor Craig Stark for being an incredible scene partner throughout this film and to writer and director Jim Towns for his brilliant vision and guidance.

Towns added: “I’m excited that after a lot of hard work, End Times is being unleashed on the world. This film was a battle to make from start to finish, but I’m so very proud of it and of everyone who came together to make it. I think it tells a universal story about the bonds between people that get us through tragedy and disaster, and finally bring us to a place of hope. My thanks to my producing partner Jamie Bernadette, our stars Jamie and Craig Stark, Dominique Swain, Kaiwi Lyman and Sadie Katz, and to the Asylum for their trust in the film.

Bernadette and Stark are joined in the cast by Dominique Swain (Lolita), Jessica Morris (One Life to Live), Kaiwi Lyman (Den of Thieves), Dan Buran (True Blood), Stefanie Estes (Soft & Quiet), Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief), Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), and Victoria De Mare (The Beast Inside).

End Times will be showing in the following theatres:

Laemmle Town Center 5 – Encino, CA

Hickory Ridge Cinemas – Brunswick, OH

Trylon Cinema – Minneapolis, MN

O Cinema South Beach – Miami Beach, FL

Aurora Cineplex – Roswell, GA

What did you think of the End Times trailer? Will you be watching this movie this weekend? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

End Times

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