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Adam Green discusses abandoned Hatchet 4 pitch

I love slasher movies, and I had a lot of fun with the HATCHET films, watching Kane Hodder tear through three films worth of victims as deformed, swamp-dwelling revenant Victor Crowley. HATCHET franchise mastermind Adam Green, who wrote all three films and directed the first two , has always said that he envisioned the series as a trilogy, but while the third movie had a bit more...
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Read the original Jason X outline by Todd Farmer!

As you're well aware, today is Friday the 13th, the first of three such dates this year! (We get another next month!) It's a damn national holiday in the horror world. You're likely preparing to enjoy a good old Jason Voorhees marathon later, an activity I personally never miss out on whenever a Friday the 13th strikes. Or, perhaps you're searching for some F13-related goodies you...
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Exclusive interview with American Muscle director Ravi Dhar!

BUY AMERICAN MUSCLE ON BLU-RAY HERE OR ON DVD HERE If there's one kind of film I truly enjoy it's a good ol' fashioned, balls-to-the-wall, action-packed and grindhouse-styled revenge flick. Filled with everything I need from that kind of entertainment (blood, bullets, fight scenes, hot naked women, and a badass anti-hero), Ravi Dhar's AMERICAN MUSCLE...
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American Muscle starring Nick Principe arrives on DVD/Blu-ray today!

You owe. You pay. Payback is killer, baby! Just wanted to give our readers a heads up that Ravi Dahr's action-packed and blood-soaked twisted revenge tale AMERICAN MUSCLE gets out of the pen today on DVD and Blu-ray . This gritty, take-no-prisoners flick was written by our very own John 'The Arrow' Fallon and stars Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Robin Sydney, George...
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New American Muscle trailer with Nick Principe, Todd Farmer & John Fallon!

We're all kinds of stoked around here for AMERICAN MUSCLE , the gritty, take-no-prisoners revenge flick written by our very own John "The Arrow" Fallon. Sure, we're going to support our fearless leader no matter what, but thankfully the movie really does appear to kick untold amounts of ass in an old school way. Today a new trailer for the film which...
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Halloween 3D talk from producer Malek Akkad

Several years ago , it appeared as though the DRIVE ANGRY and MY BLOODY VALENTINE team of Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were going to embark on making HALLOWEEN 3D , the follow-up to Rob Zombie's reboots of the franchise. Obviously, it never happened, which was a sad development as they probably would have knocked it out of the park. At the recent Saturn Awards, Collider...
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Big batch of new pics from American Muscle, plus release date!

Here are new stills from AMERICAN MUSCLE , the hard-edged revenge thriller from director Ravi Dhar and writer John "The Arrow" Fallon. The film stars Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Robin Sydney, George P. Wilbur, Jennifer Wenger, Trent Haaga and Mr. Fallon himself. Based on the trailer released last year, this movie is going to take us all out back and kick our asses until...
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Alternate art for Ravi Dhar's American Muscle with Nick Principe takes aim!

One flick we're uber-excited about around these parts is Ravi Dhar's AMERICAN MUSCLE - not only does it star genre favs Nick Principe, Robin Sydney, Todd Farmer and Trent Haaga it also co-stars and was penned by our own fearless leader John "The Arrow" Fallon. The film is an old-fashioned balls-to-the-wall revenge thriller the likes of which we don't see...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Can Patrick Lussier direct another flick already!

As an old school fan of James Cameronís THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, I find myself feeling cautiously optimistic for the upcoming TERMINATOR: GENESIS. While the last two feature films didnít quite live up to the franchise good name, Iím hoping for the best with this new flick. Of course if you havenít heard, this highly anticipated sequel boasts a fun cast including...
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Badass looking American Muscle acquired by Well Go USA

Stellar news! Well Go USA has acquired all North American rights to Snowfort Pictures and Automatic Entertainment’s AMERICAN MUSCLE , which was directed by Ravi Dhar and written by John "The Arrow" Fallon. The film stars Nick Principe, Robin Sydney, Todd Farmer, Trent Haaga and Mr. Fallon himself (pictured above in a compromising position). “We set out...
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Exclusive pics from Ravi Dhar's American Muscle, written by John 'The Arrow' Fallon!

It was only yesterday when we brought you the ultra-badass NSFW trailer for the contemporary exploitation thriller AMERICAN MUSCLE (which was written by AITH's head honcho John 'The Arrow' Fallon!), and today we have some EXCLUSIVE pics from this insane-looking thrill ride to share with you below! AMERICAN MUSCLE follows a recently paroled convict hell bent on...
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Poster and NSFW trailer for American Muscle, written by John 'The Arrow' Fallon!

Hitting the sales block at the American Film Market next month is Ravi Dhar's directorial debut AMERICAN MUSCLE, and today we have a look at the poster (below) the very NSFW trailer for this intense, bloody and completely batshit insane-looking thrill ride that was written by AITH head honcho John 'The Arrow' Fallon. I can't even begin to stress how badass this film...
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