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The new episode of the Awfully Good Horror Movies video series looks back at the “Jason goes to space” Friday the 13th sequel Jason X

It’s time for a new episode of the Awfully Good Horror Movies video series, and in this one we’re looking back at one of the least popular installments in my beloved Friday the 13th franchise. That’s the tenth entry, Jason X (watch it HERE), also known as “the one where Jason goes to space”. To hear all about it, check out the video embedded above!

Directed by Jim Isaac from a screenplay written by Todd Farmer (and some uncredited rewriters), Jason X has the following synopsis: The year is 2455. The Place is Old Earth. Once the shimmering blue jewel of the galaxy, Old Earth is now a contaminated planet abandoned for centuries. Yet humans have returned to the deadly place that they once fled. Not to live, but to research the ancient rusting artifacts of the bygone civilizations that caused this environmental disaster. And little does the most recent landing party of intrepid young explorers realize the fate that awaits them.

The film stars Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Chuck Campbell, Melyssa Ade, Peter Mensah, Melody Johnson, Derwin Jordan, Jonathan Potts, Phillip Williams, Dov Tiefenbach, Kristi Angus, Dylan Bierk, Amanda Brugel, Yani Gellman, Todd Farmer, Thomas Seniuk, Steve Lucescu, David Cronenberg, Robert A. Silverman, Marcus Parilo, Boyd Banks, and Jeff Geddis.

With the Awfully Good Horror Movies series, we take a journey through the world of “so-bad-it’s-good” cinema in the horror genre. We’ll provide you with some fun trivia, details on the production, and some food/drinks to go with it. So join us for some schlock as we go through the who’s who of terrible horror cinema!

The Jason X episode of Awfully Good Horror Movies was Written, Edited, and Narrated by Tyler Nichols. The show is Produced by John Fallon and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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