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Pennywise: The Story of IT will be four hours long; Order your copy today

If you somehow were unaware by this point, I am a massive fan of STEPHEN KING'S IT . The new trailer all but blew my mind and for all its camp glory, I adore the 1990 mini-series directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. If you remember a while back I shared the news that there was going to be a full-length retrospective on the 1990 mini-series coming at us from the makers of LEVIATHAN:...
4 days ago
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Pennywise: The Story of IT's Facebook page is live & has tons of info!

One of my most anticipated upcoming flicks is STEPHEN KING'S IT , of course, but possibly even more exciting (not really, but close) is the feature retrospective on the making of the 1990 mini-series, starring Tim Curry! PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT comes to us from the makers of YOU'RE SO COOL, BREWSTER: THE STORY OF FRIGHT NIGHT, and UNEARTHED & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO...
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Stephen King's IT mini-series documentary w/ Tim Curry officially announced!

I'm way too excited about this. As you guys may remember, a few weeks back I shared a news article about a feature-length retrospective on the 1990 ABC mini-series of STEPHEN KING'S IT was coming our way from the makers of UNEARTH & UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY and YOU'RE SO COOL, BREWSTER: THE STORY OF FRIGHT NIGHT. Well today there was finally...
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Dissecting Writer/Director Tommy Lee Wallace!

WRITER/DIRECTOR TOMMY LEE WALLACE! From all of us here at Arrow in the Head, each and every one of you guys and ghouls have a happy and hellish Halloween! But first things first. With the All Hallows Eve festivities on the brain, we thought what better way to get in the mood than by feting one of the original men to craft Michael Myers himself, Tommy Lee...
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Documentary You're So Cool, Brewster! to tell the story of Fright Night

Gary Smart obviously enjoys delving into the behind-the-scenes stories of 1980s genre classics. First, he penned the book THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD with co-author Christian Sellers, which led to the documentary MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD. He then wrote and produced the nine hour documentary LEVIATHAN: THE STORY OF HELLRAISER AND HELLBOUND:...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Nick Castle!

NICK “THE SHAPE” CASTLE THEN : Next week I will be making my way to the local theatre to see one of my most anticipated films this year. With my favorite holiday less than a week away, it’s clear I’m not talking about the CARRIE remake. Yes folks, next week I continue a brand new tradition with my own son, we will be going to see John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN in...
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Full details for The Fog special edition Blu-ray revealed!

Of all the fantastic special editions Scream Factory has coming out on Blu-ray this summer, THE FOG is unquestionably the one I'm looking forward to the most. I love the movie (it's actually my favorite John Carpenter film), and I absolutely can't wait to screen a new HD transfer. And while Scream Factory always provides all manner of great supplements with their releases, THE FOG has a...
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Horror Whores: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

I know there isn't much in the 'Whore' department in today's Horror Whores but come on... it's a pretty epic scene! Here we've got HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH. The flick has it's haters and it has it's fans, there's no doubt about that. It's also got Tom Atkins and his awesome mustache taking care of business! In today's Horror Whores we've got Atkins getting down with some...
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