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PLOT: When an adolescent boy finds a missing girl bloodied and battered in a secluded tree-house, he avows to escort her back to safety, find her little brother and avenge her mysterious band of captors. REVIEW: After seven years spent scrawling in and realizing a trio of so-called spooky diary entries with pal Kevin Gates - ZOMBIE DIARIES, ZOMBIE DIARIES 2 and THE PARANORMAL...
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New trailer for Michael Bartlett's Treehouse, in theaters/on VOD in February

It was way back in May of last year when we shared the very creepy and effective trailer for Michael Bartlett's TREEHOUSE, and now we've learned that Uncork'd Entertainment will finally be bringing the film to limited theaters and on VOD February 20. On top of that bit of news we now have a new trailer for the flick director Bartlett has described as a “ siege...
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No kids allowed for this intriguing trailer for Michael Bartlett's Treehouse

It was more than 18 months ago when we first brought you word on Imagination Worldwide's TREEHOUSE, sharing an elongated synopsis and a very cool poster with you. Now we've gotten word that the film is headed to Cannes and, along with that tidbit of info, we have a creepy new trailer to toss your way. Directed by Michael Bartlett from a screenplay by Alex Child and...
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Zombie Diaries co-director to take you Within the Woods

Michael Bartlett, co-director of the ZOMBIE DIARIES series and PARANORMAL DIARIES: CLOPHILL has signed on to direct WITHIN THE WOODS. No, it's not a remake of Sam Raimi's pre-EVIL DEAD short film. According to news sources it's more Stand By Me meets Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13 . Shooting is set to take place in Missouri this January. The British filmmaker will be...
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