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Aaron Eckhart incepts some demons in the trailer for Incarnate

Blumhouse's upcoming flick  INCARNATE , their newest co-production with WWE, just launched its new trailer directly into your subconscious. Following Aaron Eckhart in a Woody Harrelson wig through an INCEPTION -esque exorcism story, it's an interesting concept but an extraordinarily muddled trailer. Plus, it certainly owes a lot to the look of The Further...
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Gene Simmons & WWE Studios launch new horror label; first project announced

You gotta hand it to Gene Simmons - the man knows how to make money. Now the rocker from the legendary rock band KISS is bringing his business savvy to the horror movie genre with a new label, and the first project is already on the docket. THR is reporting that KISS frontman Gene Simmons has partnered with WWE Studios to launch horror movie label Erebus Pictures. The new venture...
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Leprechaun: Origins gets theatrical release later this month from Lionsgate

The Leprechaun is headed back to the big screen for the first time in a long time. WWE Studios and Lionsgate are planning to give LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS a limited theatrical release on August 22nd, just a week before it hits VOD. Evidently the studios agreed to do this after a presentation for the film went over well at San Diego Comic-Con. Now it remains to be seen if this gamble will...
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WWE Studios partners with Blumhouse for Incarnate; which wrestling superstar will cameo?

WWE Studios and Blumhouse Productions announced today a partnership on INCARNATE, the micro-budget thriller from Blumhouse that is to be directed by Brad Peyton (JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND) that we first told you about in September. Scripted by Ronnie Christensen (DARK TIDE) and starring Aaron Eckhart, David Mazouz and Catalina Sandino, the film revolves around... ...an...
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Dial up the trailer for Brad Anderson's The Call, starring Halle Berry

Formerly known as THE HIVE (a much better title), THE CALL is a kidnapping-thriller starring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine!). The trailer for the March release has just hit the 'net, and we've got it for you below, if you can stand to look at whatever Halle's got resting atop her head. Based on the trailer, it doesn't look like anything we haven't seen...
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