13th gets director

Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes shingle continue to suck the 70’s and 80’s dry of their horror movies in the name of the remake. The long-in-gestation FRIDAY THE 13TH remake has nabbed itself a director, and as a shock to all of us, it isn’t Michel Gondry, like we all anticipated. Rather, it’s the inexplicable choice of Marcus Nispel, who directed the 2003 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake, and went on to direct the Viking should've been-direct-to-DVD film PATHFINDER. The deal isn’t finalized yet (Ed. note: Hollywood Reporter says they're in final negotiations), but based on the noise frequency online, it’s all but set. Shooting is set for this winter. Am I crazy, or did I hear that this film would skip the Mrs. Voorhees and plot and go right into Jason as the killer, because that’s what people want to see, isn’t it?
Extra Tidbit: The script of the original was written by Victor Miller, who went on to write for several soap operas, including One Life To Live and Guiding Light.



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