1408 unlocked earlier

Dimension must feel pretty good about their haunted hotel room thriller 1408, since they're opening the door almost a full month sooner -- the release date has been moved from July 13th all the way up to June 22nd.

Though certainly one of the "smaller" films in a summer overloaded with CGI 'toons and sequels, the flick (based on a Stephen King story, which can be an albatross more than a blessing) seems to be building some buzz. John Cusack plays a horror writer and paranormal debunker who checks into the notorious room, while Sam Jackson plays the manager who tells him it's not a great idea.

This comes as something of a surprise from Dimension and the Weinsteins, who have grown disreputable for their treatment of genre fare (raise your hand if you saw FEAST in theaters -- oh, you're the one).
Extra Tidbit: Cusack reportedly wrote WAR, INC. as an unofficial sequel to GROSSE POINTE BLANK (Disney didn't want to do another film with the Martin Q. Blank character).
Source: Weinstein Co.



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