1st Avatar Na'vi toy?

Look what just slid into in our inbox -- a snap of what would seem to be the toy for Sam Worthington's alien alter-ego in James Cameron's AVATAR.

In the movie, Worthington plays a disabled war vet who "downloads" his consciousness into one of distant world Pandora's indigenous race, the Na'vi. They are, as you'll observe, tall and blue and slightly disproportionate. And maybe a little Nightcrawlerish.

Mattel is handling the toy line, which will likely either be revealed or released on August 21st - "AVATAR Day" - when the trailer is unveiled and 15 minutes of 3D footage will be shown in select theaters (including IMAX). The "blue Sully" figure would seem to be consistent in style and quality to the other AVATAR toys (below) that recently appeared at GizMag.

The highly anticipated film opens December 18th.


Extra Tidbit: Coincidentally, Mattel also handles toys for "Avatar: The Last Airbender", the feature film of which dropped the part of the title now utilized by Cameron. (The toys for Shyamalan's AIRBENDER movie will be handled by Spin Master. Confusing!)
Source: JoBlo



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