Avatar’s amazing, crazy sequels are James Cameron’s legacy project

Avatar franchise star Zoë Saldaña describes Avatar and its upcoming amazing, crazy sequels as James Cameron’s legacy project

Released in 2009, director James Cameron’s film Avatar became the first movie to officially gross more than $2 billion. Then it took him thirteen years to get a sequel into theatres, so it wasn’t clear if the follow-up was going to be able to replicate that success. But then, sure enough, Avatar: The Way of Water also grossed more than $2 billion, paving the way for not only Avatar 3 (which is scheduled to reach theatres on December 19, 2025) but also Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 – which will be released on December 21, 2029 and December 19, 2031, respectively. What we know about the future sequels so far is that Avatar 3 will introduce villainous Na’vi known as the Ash PeopleAvatar 4 will “go nuts in a good way“ (following a six year time jump), and Avatar 5 will involve a journey to Earth. If things keep going this well as the franchise continues, we might even get Avatar 6 and 7. Work is continuing on the sequels, but franchise star Zoë Saldaña was able to clear a moment to talk to Collider about what’s to come, describing the Avatar films as Cameron’s legacy project.

During an interview with Saldaña, Collider’s Steve Weintraub mentioned that Cameron, producer Jon Landau, and her fellow franchise star Sam Worthington have all teased Avatar 3 to him and have said that Avatar 4 gets crazy. So he asked her to tease the sequels as well. She replied, “It’s going to be amazing. Avatar 3, it’s going to be amazing, and Avatar 4 and 5, it just gets crazy. It’s true. It really does. He’s blown our mind. This is his legacy project. We all thought it was Titanic, and it turned out that Avatar is his legacy, and for us to be a part of something so groundbreaking and trailblazing, it’s like it’s a legacy for us, too. So I’m excited to go back. We go back to work next week, so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone.

What do you think of the Avatar franchise being James Cameron’s legacy project? Are you looking forward to parts 3, 4, and 5 (and possibly 6 and 7)? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Source: Collider

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