20th Century Fox may be aiming to make Wolverine III rated R

And so it begins! Just this morning we brought you the latest entry in our C'mon Hollywood column that addressed the good and bad of the R-rated DEADPOOL making a killing at the box-office. So what's the first comic book film that's going to be directly affected by this outcome? From the looks of it, WOLVERINE III.

This weekend, Toy Fair 2016 began in New York and 20th Century Fox handed out pamphlets during their presentation. Within that pamphlet was an entry for upcoming films, including the James Mangold-directed solo Wolverine flick that is, as of now, untitled. Thanks to imgur user RayChaos, you can check out a picture of it below.

As you can see, the anticipated rating is an R. Now, it's worth noting that these pamphlets were probably printed before DEADPOOL's numbers came in. This certainly isn't the first time Fox has flirted with an R-rated WOLVERINE flick. With that said, the possibility is now much more likely to happen thanks to Tim Miller's work on DEADPOOL. While I'm not one to believe that an R rating is needed to make a "better" film, I do think Wolverine is one of those comic book characters that could really benefit by it. I mean, if Hugh Jackman is really calling it quits after this, he deserves to go out berserker!

The, as of now, UNTITLED WOLVERINE SEQUEL is scheduled to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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