3 more head to Ruins

Three more actors have signed on to star in the upcoming DreamWorks horror flick THE RUINS. Laura Ramsey, Jena Malone and Shawn "Don't Call Me Iceman" Ashmore will join the already cast Jonathan Tucker in the film. Based on the book by Scott Smith (which I just finished reading and I highly recommend) the film will follow four friends whose vacation takes a turn for the worse when they try to track down the lost brother of a fellow tourist. Of course, to say any more would be ruining (no pun intended) half the fun. Author Smith also wrote the screenplay for the film, which will be directed by feature rookie Carter Smith. I'm concerned that they've got another music video vet to direct this as they haven't had much luck translating into horror films lately. It's a film that will require some complex CGI and pretty nasty FX so I'm hoping they can pull it off. Producing the film is Ben Stiller who bought the rights to the project while Smith was still in an early draft of the novel. Filming is scheduled to begin this August in Australia.

Extra Tidbit: Malone has a band titled Jena Malone and Her Bloodstains. Seriously.



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