A Forbidden trilogy?

FORBIDDEN PLANET Last week, we told you about James Cameron possibly looking to make the upcoming J. Michael Straczynski scripted FORBIDDEN PLANET remake one of his upcoming flicks. Well, it seems that the updated story of a mission to investigate the disappearance of genius scientists from a distant planet is more ambitious that we might have thought. According to "Latino Review", if all goes well box-office wise, we might just be getting a FORBIDDEN PLANET trilogy. A footnote in the script goes as follows: (Warning! Possible SPOILERS! Read at your own risk!)

Movie One tells the story of the original ship that came to Altair 4.

Movie Two tells the story of the search for the Krell by the captain of the Bellerophon and his crew...as Diana continues to grow into something profoundly other-wordly. The search takes them beyond the limits of known space into other dimensions, passing from what's known into what's not.

Movie Three tells the story of the second ship to arrive at Altair 4 to investigate what happened to the Bellerophon. They discover Morbius and his "daughter," who is desperate to get off the planet and out into the rest of the universe, where her power would nearly be god-like...a fate we are spared when Morbius sacrifices his life to keep her there and eliminate the Krell homeworld once and for all.

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Extra Tidbit: Everything's gotta be a trilogy these days. Sheesh.
Source: Latino Review



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