Akira script thoughts

One project I'm keeping a very close eye on is the Warner Bros. live-action remake of the anime classic AKIRA. Leonardo DiCaprio is producing with an eye towards staring as Kaneda but beyond that we didn't really know much about how the film would change for American audiences. Well a Latino Review reader read the script and posted some updates on what to expect...

First, while Kaneda's name remains intact, Tetsuo was apparently a little too ethnic and was changed to Travis (Travis??). The good news is that while we now have a character named Travis, the reader says that otherwise the script "is shockingly faithful to the source material" who adds that there is no "childhood raping going on here." The script is split up into two separate films and the script for the first film ends with "a huge but intriguing cliffhanger."

That's not to say that everything about the script is positive. There were some gripes but to find out more, you'll have to head over to Latino to read about it for yourself. Please don't screw this one up WB....

Extra Tidbit: Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also rumored to be starring in the film alongside DiCaprio.
Source: Latino



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