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An Apparition appears


Though they started out remaking older horror movies like HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and THIRTEEN GHOSTS, Dark Castle now seems to be more interested in scaring up some original material. Not something you hear too often from Hollywood these days.

Producer Joel Silver's company has director Todd Lincoln working on a new spook story called THE APPARITION, a secret "haunted house" project supposedly based on true events.

Lincoln is working on the story with producer Daniel Alter -- they started together on the horror comic adaptation HACK/SLASH, which apparently remains in limbo. They have another project, the sci-fi thriller THE NYE INCIDENTS, also in development at Dark Castle.

Long ago, Lincoln was also attached to a remake of THE FLY that would have purportedly deviated from the 1958 original, Cronenberg's version and, presumably, the head-squashing Eric Stoltz sequel.

Extra Tidbit: Dark Castle's THIRTEEN GHOSTS, HOUSE OF WAX and GHOST SHIP each made $68 million worldwide. Lucky number?
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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