Angelina will Shoot Like a Girl in new wartime biopic

Though Angelina Jolie has won critical acclaim and plenty of awards for her dramatic works, she is known to many as a badass, knife-wielding action hero from movies like TOMB RAIDER, WANTED, SALT, and MR. AND MRS. SMITH. Now it seems she has found a role that will flex her dramatic shops and will let her kick all the asses.

Deadline reports that the star has locked down the role of Major Mary Jennings Hegar in the movie based off her upcoming memoir SHOOT LIKE A GIRL: ONE WOMAN’S DRAMATIC FIGHT IN AFGHANISTAN AND ON THE HOME FRONT. Okay, let me take a breath. Alright I’m good.

Anyway, Jolie will star as Hegar who served three tours in Afghanistan and faced many perils including having her chopper shot down, being shot by the Taliban (which she received the Purple Heart for), then suffering through said gunshot wound to save three other American soldiers, and then became the sixth woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross. Back home, she took her fight to the government to fight the Combat Exclusion Policy which stopped women from serving in direct combat. The policy was determined unconstitutional and was then repealed. Goddamn.

As a woman who has been known to take on action scenes with gusto, and has been very involved in the political scene Jolie seems perfect for the role. No word yet on who will direct the movie, but I feel if it were Jolie herself we would’ve known about it, especially considering Deadline is reporting that TriStar wants to fast-track the movie as soon as possible. If done right, the movie could be a major awards contender and be a big a box office hit à la AMERICAN SNIPER. But let’s hope the movie isn’t too much like the latter.

The memoir SHOOT LIKE A GIRL hits stands May 7, 2017.

Source: Deadline



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