Avatar destroys Blu-ray sales record on opening day

Not content with mere box office records, AVATAR is storming the DVD market, with its first day Blu-ray sales at 1.5M, more than doubling THE DARK KNIGHT’s previous record of 600K. All in all, AVATAR sold about 4M copies its opening day, but does the team behind the film care?

"We're not focusing on sales," "Avatar" producer Jon Landau said. "We're focusing on the events. There were 300 kids there today. They're the future, so this is raising awareness, and that's a great thing."

The event he’s referring to was a tree planting ceremony on the Fox lot for Earth Day, which is all well and good, but I’m guessing he cares a little bit about sales.

AVATAR is trying to stomp NEW MOON’s DVD record into the ground, as the vampire flick has sold 6.5M this year. With 4M its opening day, it’s a safe bet than the Na’vi will prevail over their furry and sparkly rivals shortly.

It ain’t 3D, but it’s the closest you’ll get for a little while until those newfangled 3D TVs start popping up. I actually never did see AVATAR in 2D, so I’ll be interested to see how well the film holds up at home.

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Source: THR



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