Aykroyd with Landis

Okay, so it's not news on a GHOSTBUSTERS reunion, but it's still pretty cool.

Dan Aykroyd will join Simon Pegg and David Tennant in the upcoming BURKE & HARE, which is being directed by John Landis.

Aykroyd's role is not known as of yet. Oh, and Bill Nighy has been cast as well. I guess that bit of information flew under the radar. This is really starting to shape up to be something to look forward to. Given, the project had me at the team up of Pegg and Tennant, but now I'm really sold.

This film could be a true return to form for Landis. It's hard not to miss the days of BLUES BROTHERS, COMING TO AMERICA, THREE AMIGOS, even OSCAR (very underrated). Those were some solid movies. Around the mid-nineties is where it felt like Landis wasn't doing his usual work. Hopefully I'm not alone in my thoughts that this may be a come back for the director.

There's no way this film could get any better and I might be a little early on the hype, but it's hard not to be a tad giddy.

Extra Tidbit: Dan Aykroyd will always be Beldar Conehead to me, also known as Donald R. DeCicco.



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