Bigger, Stronger, Trailer*

Three seconds in to the trailer BELOW and I already brought it back to the beginning, just to see it again. The clip is for BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER*, a new documentary about America’s love/hate relationship with steroids and cheating in sports. You may not have heard, but there’s been some recent controversies about certain home run kings and certain Hall of Fame pitchers who’ve been accused of using drugs to extend their careers and out-perform the competition. In light of these recent scandals, this film should do well at the box-office. It was made by Chris Bell, who seems like he’s had his own run-in with the drug. And if I’m not crazy, that looked like Ben Johnson being interviewed for a second there, who shamed my Canadian motherland back in 1988, when it was revealed his gold-medal finish in the 100 meters was tainted by steroids. He ended up racing horses for money. Tsk, tsk.

Extra Tidbit: For and HD version of the trailer, click HERE.
Source: YouTube



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