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The recent success of Paranormal Activity and the fact that it cost next to nothing versus a sh*tload of profits was sure to draw parallels to its BLAIR WITCH predecessor, and now that studios know the formula still lures wallets in,  they're probably keen to take that one out of the mothballs. Or at least one guy truly hopes so. Question is do we as well?

Talking to Toronto's The Star recently, co-writer/director Eduardo Sanchez revealed he and partner Daniel Myrick are just about ready to do a third BLAIR, with a treatment that would follow the end of the first movie and go Bryan Singer on the Joe Berlinger sequel.

"We're at the step where we're about to pitch to Lionsgate, which owns the movie rights now," Sanchez says. "It's pretty much up to them. They can completely squash it or greenlight it." Lionsgate? The guys who keep churning out SAW film after SAW film? Do it cheap and they'll let you make as many as you want!

 The director claims to have asked a crowd where he was speaking recently if a third film would be welcome, and says people not only want it but also want more of the original's shaky-cam style. He on the other hand cites DISTRICT 9 as the way to go.

I know opinion on BLAIR WITCH is widely divided, but would it have been so if the two directors had actually gone on to a big career in movies? 'cause right now, they both look like one-hit wonders who succeeded only because of clever marketing... Can they do it again?

Extra Tidbit: Sanchez should do a spook-doc about the plumber in my town. Now THAT is truly scary stuff!
Source: Latino Review



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