Boll's Far Cry trailer

Uwe Boll is a busy man these days. The range of his projects we've seen over the past few months has been pretty wide sweeping with a surprisingly well-received shoot-em-up in the form of RAMPAGE then an attempt at going serious with a DARFUR movie. His latest, however, is a glorious return to the Uwe Boll we all know and despise: the guy how makes shitty video game movies.

FAR CRY is a decently fun PC sandbox shooter game, this however, does not mean it translates into a film with any degree of success. But that didn’t stop Boll from making BLOODRAYNE, POSTAL, ALONE IN THE DARK and DUNGEON SIEGE now did it?

From the trailer, seen here via IGN, it looks like RAMBO with a much, much less memorable lead, and an equally flimsy script to go along with it. But nice, um, explosions I guess? Check it out below and take bets on whether or not this actually gets to theaters.

Update: Pre-order your DVD for next week's release now!

Extra Tidbit: I wonder when the "Legend of Zelda" movie will finally get made?
Source: IGN



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