Boob: The Movie

Earlier this year at both Sundance at SXSW, a revolutionary short film was screened. Simply titled BOOB, it was in fact a movie where a boob is the main character. Normally any time there is this much boobage, it's a good thing but in this case, the boob has gone awry and is killing people. That's not so good. The official synopsis for the short goes like this: A doctor performs an experimental breast enhancement procedure to be able to remotely enhance a woman's breast size. Unfortunately a surge of electricity brings her boob to life! Run, Boob, run!

Yes! Finally, the film about a murderous, detached boob that you've been waiting for. Thanks to Twitch, the full short is finally online and I've embedded it below. As you might expect, it's fairly NSFW with lots of well, boobs and a decent amount of blood splatter. It's worth a laugh though if you've got the means to check it out.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if this was influenced by Woody Allen's scene from EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX...
Source: Twitch



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