Bosworth turns 21

Kate Bosworth has signed on to reteam with director Robert Luketic (WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON) in the upcoming suspense flick 21. The movie will also reunite Bosworth with her SUPERMAN RETURNS co-star Kevin Spacey. The film stars Spacey as the mentor to a number of MIT whiz kids who team up in a card-counting scheme looking to take down a Vegas casino in blackjack. Also starring in the film are Laurence Fishburne, Jim Sturgess and "Heroes" star Masi Oka. Spacey will also serve as producer of the film and he's been actively involved in trying to get the adaptation of Ben Mezrich's "Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions" off the ground for years. A number of different directors were attached to the film including Brett Ratner back when it was titled BREAKING VEGAS. Filming is scheduled to begin in Boston and Las Vegas later this month.

Extra Tidbit: Though you might think casinos wouldn't be pleased about the film, they're actually supporting it knowing that most people lack the skills to successfully card count. When wanna-bes try, and ultimately fail, it's more money for them.
Source: Coming SoonWWD



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