Box Office Throwdown!

Never has there been more importance placed on box office results than there is today. A movie is only deemed successful it if reigns supreme at the ticket booth. Watching two films battle it out for top spot is to me what watching Rocky Marciano slug it out at MSG was to my gramps.

During TDK's historic run, pundits from all over were dissecting what the film's success meant socially, economically and politically. Even that guy Obama took a backseat to Ledger and Co.

Well rather than merely draw the analogy of box office battle as prize fight, the fine folks over at EW have done me one better and actually made it so. Although the fall box office season isn't as potent as the summer's, there are still some heavyweights on their way and by clicking HERE, you get to decide which one will vanquish all comers. Personally I have all my money on BANGKOK DANGEROUS. Not.
Extra Tidbit: I hadn't even heard of BANGKOK DANGEROUS before yesterday. Nick, what are you thinking?



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