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Buried posters


Before Ryan Reynolds saves the planet with emerald jewelry in GREEN LANTERN, we'll see him in a smaller film called BURIED.

How small is it? The whole movie takes place in a coffin. The only way it could get smaller would be if it was set inside a purse. Maybe a pill bottle. Or a vagina. In the thriller, Ryan is a contractor who gets kidnapped in Iraq and awakens in a coffin in the desert with just a cell phone, a lighter and a knife. Which further supports that advice: Don't go to Iraq.

Quiet Earth got a look at the official poster, where he's apparently doing the freaky JACOB'S LADDER vibrating-head thing. They also have a couple of (better) rejected one-sheets like the Hitchcockian one below. Check 'em all out HERE.

Extra Tidbit: If you got claustrophobic watching THE DESCENT or that coffin scene in KILL BILL, you might wanna skip this.
Source: Quiet Earth



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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