Butler talks Capone

Gerard Butler has taken some time out from Sparta-ing his way around town to talk to MTV about his upcoming role in THE UNTOUCHABLES: CAPONE RISING. In particular, he wanted to establish that he wasn't going to try to imitate Sean Connery's Oscar-winning performance:

“Being Scottish and being tall, I’m gonna come across a little bit like Sean Connery…and people will make those comparisons... But I’m going to do my own thing.”

He also served to alleviate some of the worries you may have about the script, saying:

“You know what? I think this character [has even] more [great lines] in him [than before], because this was a point where he was more a wheeler and dealer... He has to deal with things coming for him, he has to deal with his own morality. In this story there’s so much going on with this guy that you really see a lot of different sides to his character.”

I'm still making my mind up as to how excited I am about this movie. On the one hand, Nicolas Cage is my favourite actor, Gerard Butler is great, and the original is one of my all-time favourites. But on the other, De Niro is gone and so is Mamet. Although from what Butler has to say, he seems to think that the new writers have written better stuff than Mamet did. Never! Click HERE for the rest of the interview!
Extra Tidbit: The article also has some unfortunate news about THE WATCHMEN. Just check it out yourselves...
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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