Cage vs. Green Hornet

While we still don't know who'll be kicking ass beside Seth Rogen as Kato, now we have an idea who they'll be fighting in GREEN HORNET.

Nic Cage is in talks to bring his darker side and latest hair-scare to play the "gangster villain" in the flick. Variety also reiterates that Cameron Diaz may play a reporter and the love interest of our titular pulpy hero.

Let's hope Cage (and director Michel Gondry) put the dial way past over-the-top all the way into FACE/OFF or WICKER MAN range, because lately the loony bug-eyed Cage is way more fun to watch than mildly playful or super-serious Cage. Unless you're a (the?) big fan of NEXT or BANGKOK DANGEROUS.

Also, ace reporter and high colonic addict Mr. Beaks at AICN recently chatted with Rogen to get an idea of the tone they're shooting for with the movie, and the star/co-writer had an interesting answer. Check out his words RIGHT HERE.

Expect more GREEN HORNET details and/or official announcements later this week at Comic Con.

Extra Tidbit: Cage was once in talks to star in THE WRESTLER.
Source: Variety



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