Cast Joins Extra Man

Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, Katie Holmes and John C Reilly are all set to star in THE EXTRA MAN, a film directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini and based on a novel by Jonathan Ames. Although this is the duo behind AMERICAN SPLENDOR, it's also the duo behind THE NANNY DIARIES, so don't hold your breath. That film was about a regular girl living inside the silver bubble of Upper East Side Wealth. THE EXTRA MAN explores similar themes, following Kline's character--a failed playwright who works as an escort for rich widows on the Upper East Side. He develops a mentor-student relationship with a troubled aspiring playwright (Dano).

Hmm...I've been an escort for rich widows on The Upper East side for two months now and it ain't all that bad. Let's hope Berman and Pulcini are more on the AMERICAN SPLENDOR side of things with this one rather than THE NANNY DIARIES, because lord knows, there are many interesting stories to be told. Just last week I slept with a.....
Extra Tidbit: What's Katie Holmes doing starring with a bunch of real actors?
Source: Variety



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