CAST THIS: J. Edgar Hoover

Alright bitches, listen up! This week Cast This is getting historical on your ass! That's right, I'm trying out an experiment that deviates from casting superheroes and ‘80s action leads and we’re going for something a bit more academic.

Yesterday, it was announced that Clint Eastwood is going to be making a J. Edgar Hoover biopic, a role that will likely cause someone to be nominated for an Oscar that year if history has taught us anything. Who’s Hoover? You know, the president who’s totally responsible for that big dam where they hide all the Transformers?

Oh wait, that’s HERBERT Hoover you say? Ahhh alright, then who the hell are we talking about here? Who is this J. EDGAR fellow?

In reality, J. Edgar Hoover was the guy who founded the FBI in 1935, the creation of which led to the busting up of many gangs and crime mobs and its where we get all those awesome car chases and tommy gun fights from in old gangster movies.

As I said, the fact that Eastwood is behind this means that undoubtedly this movie will get some pretty heavy press, and any biopic by any reasonably good director is bound to get a little bit of awards attention. That’s why I think it’s actually interesting to try and cast the part despite the fact he doesn’t have any superpowers.

Hoover was 40 when the FBI was founded, so expect the bulk of the movie to focus around that. But surely the film will cover the majority of his life, so it might not be out of the question to cast someone older or younger.

Last Week: THE FLASH

We got some unexpected news that THE FLASH was actually ramping up and had found itself a director. I thought we’d get the jump on casting, and I thought you guys had some rather good ideas this week.

1. Neil Patrick Harris (12%) 2. Chris Evans (10%) 3. Chris Pine (7%)

I am ALL about NPH for The Flash, and I have to say, I think this might be one of my favorite casting calls you guys have made to date. He’s funny, he’s blonde and he definitely needs a lead role like this one, as How I Met Your Mother is holding him back if you ask me.

Since we did this casting call, Chris Evans’ name has been tossed in the ring for Captain America as well, and honestly, I could see him taking on either role. Pine is also a decent choice, though I was a fan of fourth place finisher, Seann William Scott as well. Dust off your history books, and give me some Hoover names!

Extra Tidbit: Screw gangsters, hopefully this movie centers around Hoover's investigation of the JFK/Marilyn Monroe BJ tape.
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