Cirque Du Salma

CIRQUE DU FREAK, Salma Hayek "USA Today" has recently revealed the first still of Salma Hayek as Madame Truska aka the Bearded Lady in writer/director Paul Weitz' upcoming vampire thriller CIRQUE DU FREAK. What makes this particular Bearded Lady unique is her apparent lack of hair. Why she's not rockin' a killer beard in this particular still is unknown - maybe it's just a trick to doop the audience, maybe she just grows hair at certain times of the day or maybe she's really a superpowered mutant who can cloak unseemly hair at will - but at least they got the "Lady" part right. Salma Hayek is most certainly all lady. Lady and boobs. Really, those things are like the universe - ever expanding. The film centers on a young boy (Chris Massoglia) who somehow manages to break a two hundred year old truce between two vampire families. John C. Reilly, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Fugit, Ken Watanabe, Jane Krakowski, Ray Stevenson, Josh Hutcherson and Kristen Schaal co-star. No stateside release date has been set as yet. Click on Salma's glorious sweater puppets or HERE for the full, big-sized pic.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Salma on "30 Rock". In fact, be sure to check out "30 Rock" every week. It's awesome in ways you can't begin to imagine.
Source: USA Today



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