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CON: Your feedback!!


As per most of our convention stuff on the site, we really want to know what you guys thought of our coverage, so please use the FEEDBACK FORM below to let us know what you liked and didn't like about it all, so that we can keep focusing on the good shit in the years to come. You can catch on whatever you might've missed by checking out our CON WRAP-UP PAGE and check out the final Comic Con thoughts to our awesome crew below. 

So what did you think of our Comic Con coverage? What did you like the most/least? What would you like to see more/less of in the future?






  • The WB Panel was awesome, as I dug the footage from every movie they featured.

  • ZOMBIELAND/2012 was also exceptionally cool. Both movies look dope.

  • IRON MAN 2 blew me away. And only 6 days after wrapping production, very impressive.

  • Running into The Dude (Jeff Bridges) and Superman (Brandon Routh) in the Hard Rock elevator was cool. But since it was an elevator, it was awkward.


  • I didn't even cover it as a panel, but the footage from SOLOMON KANE blew ass. That movie's gonna bomb, mark my words.

  • Hall H. The long lines to get in (or not get in), and the uncomfortable seats makes Hall H the biggest FAIL of the entire Comic Con. Even the hot, sweaty, and body odor filled Floor was better.



  • Getting to hang out with the staff is above anything else. I've never seen so many guys, from so many different places, get along the way we do.

  • The people of Comic Con in general are all pretty fun to be around. Stand in line for an hour and you're bound to chat up any random stranger about something that interests both of you.

  • The Kevin Smith panel delivered for me once again, at a time when I just needed to chill out and enjoy my job.

  • The Wrath of Con just keeps getting more amazing.

  • The Hard Rock Hotel showers are the greatest things ever created.

  • Throwing shit at people while they're eating at Dick's Last Resort.

  • Secret Pics have become sort of an obsession to me and Ammon. I tried secret pic-ing my wife when I got home and it just wasn't the same.

  • Free Booze.

  • Actually getting recognized from The JoBlo movie Podcast.


  • Hall H is a disaster. The scheduling people need to be strung up by their balls for putting TWILIGHT as the third panel of the day. Especially when little girls were already in line two days earlier.

  • Lines in general. This convention center must be getting smaller because there's no way I should be waiting in line for BOONDOCK SAINTS II for two hours and not even get in.

  • Outside the convention center is almost as brutal as inside. You have thousands of people trying to cross the street at these tiny little stairwells and get stopped every twelve seconds for another tram-car.

  • Try to pick up the wi-fi in the convention center is like trying to get Direct TV with a UHF antenna.

  • Preview night is now busier than Friday night. I don't understand this.

  • I wanted way more TOY STORY 3 footage.



  • The Kick Ass Panel! I knew knew nothing about this comic or movie before the panel and now it's one of my most anticipated movies to watch. Sadly it still doesn't have a distributor but hopefully that changes, as the panel received many standing ovations.

  • Partying it up with my co-workers and all of the cool websites.

  • I loved getting recognized, it validates my existence (take THAT Dad!).


  • Hard to say since I really enjoyed this Con opposed to previous years, but the scheduling for HALL H the first day was atrocious. It seems like Twilight: New Moon should've been the VERY FIRST panel on Thursday and Avatar right after. People who wanted to see the Disney Animation panel (the first one on Thursday) we're shit out of luck because of the huge line.

RUSTY ELTRINGHAM (videographer)


  • Hanging with my brothers and sisters. This includes the awesome JoBlo faithful we met throughout the weekend. A lot of you recognized my man Jimmy O and many of you spotted the logo on our mic and came up to say hi. Super cool! 

  • Meeting Anthony Daniels. I still have the C-3PO action figure I got when I was six years old. 

  • The fact that the people we interviewed for the most part exceeded expectations, including Rob Zombie, Peter Jackson and Denzel Washington. 

  • Running into celebrities outside my room, including Megan Fox, Anna Faris, Anna Paquin and Woody Harrelson. 

  • The Wrath of Con. Holy shit that is a fun night. 

  • The Kick Ass panel

  • Hearing a woman say, "Hey Zack this is JimmyO from JoBlo" and turning around to be introduced to Zack Snyder.


  • The Summit publicist! 

  • Only got to see one panel in Hall H. The lines were out of control. 

  • Sunday's programming was weak. 



  • Being with the crew again (although we missed you and Arrow)

  • I loved the fact that so many of our readers said hello and gave props to the site.  It happened quite a bit and they were all very nice.

  • Meeting Peter Jackson... I LOVE that human being!

  • The KICK ASS footage.

  • FINALLY seeing Trick 'r Treat, on a big screen no less.

  • A cool Rob Zombie interview.

  • Having a "moment" with Megan Fox... I said hello, she gave me a cutesy wave.

  • Wrath of Con baby!

  • Meeting Anthony Daniels aka C-3PO.

  • Also having to do with the Trick 'r Treat screening, it was terrific seeing it with a cool group of guys I meet in line, and then of course having Niki aka BeatrixKiddo there too.

  • The Tin Fish, a little seafood place just outside of the con.

  • The Hard Rock Hotel.

  • Dicks, the restaurant.


  • Gene Simmons and his son for being self-involved, elevator hogging douchebags

  • The "security" who oftentimes had their heads up their asses.  It's a hard job, but way too many of them had no idea what is going on.

  • The "Tim Burton Press Line" that didn't have Tim Burton.

  • And speaking of Tim Burton Press Line that was mostly just Summit, the offensively rude publicist who apparently doesn't need us to cover SORORITY ROW.

  • Not enough cool swag.

  • The food was too expensive everywhere, and you can only have Subway so many times... I ain't Jarred.



  • Riding the elevator at the Hard Rock! Rode with Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, Jeff Bridges, Jon Favreau (not at the same time, of course...)

  • Johnny Depp!

  • Disney's marketing strategy.  The TRON 2 arcade and ALICE exhibit were money!

  • Patton Oswalt as a Hall H moderator

  • District 9

  • Fox's announcement of AVATAR Day to show 15 minutes of the movie for free to people


I actually didn't dislike much this year. In my mind there wasn't a real clear WINNER or LOSER like last year (where it seemed that WATCHMEN and THE SPIRIT were obvious winners and losers last year). AVATAR didn't gain anything, but didn't lose anything either.  IRON MAN 2 got a warm reception, but I also heard people complaining it looked EXACTLY like the first film. See ya next year!




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