Cool Videos: Frank Miller's Gucci commercial

Uhh, alright then. This isn't exactly a trio I'd expect to come together to make a Gucci commercial, but here we are. Apparently the company has enlisted the help of Frank "I have one style and I'm sticking to it" Miller to direct their two newest billboard model recruits, Wood and Evans in a TV spot.

I'm frankly suprised that this is only thirty seconds long to be honest. Usually when you cram this much talent into a commercial, you at least make a two minute "web alternate" that I could be posting here right now. As it stands, it's Wood driving a Speed Racer car on the freeway, only to stop, get out and fantasize about having sex with Chris Evans. It makes as much sense as any cologne commercial I supopse, but I would have expected at least a little bit of creativity from Miller outside of just setting the thing somewhere in Sin City.

Check it out below, and go buy some and smell good and attract Chris Evans I guess.

Extra Tidbit: It's got nothing on Michael Bay's Victoria Secret spot.
Source: Gucci



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