Cool Videos: Martin Scorsese's Chanel commercial

Funny... just yesterday we had Frank Miller's Gucci commercial...

There's something kind of interesting about watching these advertisements from big name filmmakers. If you're up on your film knowledge, you no doubt can see the little signature motifs that guys like Scorsese have become known for. In fact, I bet the vast majority of you would've been able to call this video below - a Chanel ad starring Gaspard Ulliel (HANNIBAL RISING) - right away as being a Marty Scorsese joint without me even having to tell you. All the visual flourishes are there (such as the editing style), but most glaring probably is his use of The Rolling Stones. I like these, because sometimes the ads seem to exist solely to let the filmmaker let loose with the stuff that tickles their fancies most.

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Extra Tidbit: "She Said Yeah" is the Stones song used in the video above.
Source: YouTube



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