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Cool Videos: Movies titles in the movies - Part 2


I'm not sure why, but I really enjoyed this video a few months back where someone went through and cut scenes from a bunch of films where they actually quote the title of the movie.

The same editor is back with a part two, and it seems there's no end to movies that don't do this. I think a challenge would be almost to find movies where they DON'T end up saying the title in the movie. And as I say that, I'm sure you can rattle off a bunch off the top of your head, you movie buffs you.

Check out the new installment below, and if there are any egregious omissions, feel free to point them out.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, it's harder than you think to come up with ones where they don't say it. All my brain can sputter out right now is "TOY STORY."
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