Cool Videos: Pixar promises It Gets Better

I'm not sure when I saw the first "It Gets Better" video but it was probably in the aftermath of the incident at Rutgers University; a particularly troubling incident for me as it took place in my backyard and at my alma mater. There've been countless "It Gets Better" videos since (including one from Barack Obama) and yesterday Pixar posted one of the best yet.

It should be no surprise that Pixar has created something full of beauty, sadness, love and joy but it's something I thought would resonate specifically with our audience, a film-loving bunch. I found it interesting that as these gay and lesbian Pixar employees talked about how their life got better, it wasn't because they got themselves a great job at Pixar that most people would die for (though I'm sure that's an added bonus). Life got better because they fell in love, adopted kids, made new friends, heard new music, appreciated great art, etc.

It really does get better and that goes for all kids and teens being bullied for any reason. And just as good news? It almost always gets worse for the bullies... ;)

Source: JoBlo.com



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