Cool Videos: Robin Williams as Doc Brown and Eddie Murphy as Marty McFly

I'll admit that I got a little BACK TO THE FUTURE'd out as the excitement over the new DVD and Blu-ray set hit stores last week. I love the film as much as the next guy but the ALIEN series also hit Blu-ray the same day and you barely heard a word about it.

I'm kind of done with all the BTTF videos and stuff but one last thing and then I'll leave well enough alone for a little bit. This weekend on "Saturday Night Live" they showed some unseen audition tapes for BACK TO THE FUTURE. What you didn't know Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Al Pacino, Nic Cage, Alan Alda and Bill Cosby all auditioned for the film? Well they didn't, but this is pretty hilarious. Jon Hamm as Robin Williams is as good as a celebrity-doing-a-celebrity as you'll ever see. Check em out below:

Extra Tidbit: Sorry for the stupidely watermarked YouTube versions but Hulu hasn't yet posted either of these vids...
Source: JoBlo.com



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