Could The Dark Knight Rises be the first film from Christopher Nolan to receive a Director's Cut on DVD and Blu-Ray?

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SPOILERS if you somehow haven't yet seen THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

If you haven't, go out and rectify that right now - this article will still be here when you return.

Christopher Nolan is known for, amongst many things, not including staples such as deleted scenes or Director's Cuts in the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of his films. But if a certain new rumor is to be believed, Nolan's past practice may be about to change.  We've already shared with you information about scenes expanding on Bane's origin journey which were for sure filmed, and according to the rumor these would not only find their back into the film but be joined by further scenes involving none other than Ra's Al Ghul.  This new cut would, according to the rumor's source, add on another thirty or so minutes to the already lengthy film (making a runtime of 195 minutes or so).

The site which broke this rumor has been correct about such scoops before, and while there's always a first time to be wrong there's always the chance that they are once again not.  From what I understand Nolan made the final cut of his film not as long as he wanted but only as long as was physically possible, as the platters which held the IMAX prints of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES simply couldn't fit any more film.

Nolan may stick to habit, or the allure of truly presenting the film as he completely intended may win out and we will at last bear witness to a new Nolan trend.  And a Director's Cut for one of this year's more divisive films.  Both of which would be wins in my book.

What about you? Would you watch a Director's Cut of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, or are those of you who love the film as is and think anything extra would only smother the experience?

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Extra Tidbit: Sometimes brutally trimming a film for the sake of a Theatrical Cut can actually make it better than what the director might think - what Director's Cut have you actually found to be worse than the Theatrical Cut? My vote goes to THE TOWN.
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