Face Off: Judge Dredd (1995) vs Dredd (2012)

FACE OFF: The JoBlo original series that puts two worthy foes in the ring for an epic clash! Whether it’s a pair of movies, actors, iconic characters, franchises, originals vs. remakes, directors, or whatever else we can think of, it’s time for a showdown! 

In this episode, it’s a brutal battle between big-screen versions of Mega-City One’s most formidable lawman! Sylvester Stallone’s glossy 1995 action flick Judge Dredd and the brutal 2012 Karl Urban movie Dredd were both violent adaptations of the popular character from 2000AD comics. The Stallone movie was a notorious flop in the summer of ’95, with fans of the actor not quite knowing what to make of this new character he was playing that they were largely unfamiliar with. Fans of 2000AD’s hero were not pleased either, with Sly ditching the trademark helmet after fifteen minutes, resulting in a slick sci-fi action comedy that had relatively little to do with the comics and flopped box office.

By comparison, the more modestly budgeted Dredd had a true visionary behind it (Alex Garland), with Karl Urban playing a very comic-accurate version of the character. However, despite terrific reviews, the movie underperformed at the box office, spelling doom for any potential sequels. However, all hope may not be lost with persistent rumors of a Mega-City One show cropping up here and there. As for the films themselves, they each have their fans and are satisfying in their own ways, but who’s the real top cop? 

Only one way to find out: FACE OFF!!!

Our debut episode was written and narrated by Dave Davis and edited by Neil Wilson III. 

If you have any suggestions for other match-ups you’d like to see on FACE OFF, let us know in the comments!

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