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Could this be a teaser poster for The Wolverine?


If this poster is real, it's pretty damn good.

Rumor has it that this possible teaser poster for THE WOLVERINE was taken in the offices of director James Mangold. It was then posted on Instagram where ScreenRant snatched it up and posted it for the masses. Since then the photo has been deleted from Instagram, but the evidence still remains.

ScreenRant has contacted Fox about the validity of the image and so far no reply. When they get it, we will be sure to update. Production isn't due to start in a few more months, so would a teaser poster really have already been put together this early on? The film is slated to release July 26, 2013.

If the poster is in fact real it already shows a glimmer of promise. The Japan story is such a big part of Logan/Wolverine's character background. I'd really like to see some justice done to it.

Source: ScreenRant



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