Crow lands script

BLADE director, Stephen Norrington, has finally spit out a script for his completely necessary remake of THE CROW, and according to sources it's being "very well received" by the folks at Relativity Media, so much so that they’re allegedly starting to move into the casting phase of the project.

The script is said to be a “revamp” not a “remake” so interpret that how you will, though it can be assumed this means we’ll have a different titular character than Brandon Lee’s Eric Draven. But the real question here I believe, is what rating the director and studio will shoot for. Obviously, if this film has to be made, we’d all like to see a hard R, but with swarms of emo teenagers filling our streets these days, I can easily see a PG-13 flick marketed directly toward them and their tortured souls.

Is this even remotely a good idea? I mean, lord knows I appreciated the original film for all of its batshit insanity, as well as Norrington’s hyper-stylish BLADE, but I just don’t think this is a franchise that needs to rise from the dead, no pun intended. Do you?

Extra Tidbit: And I almost thought I wouldn’t have a Cast This column this week… Tune in tomorrow!
Source: SlashfilmMania



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