Cusack has the Power

You know I dig John Cusack as an actor but I'm not sure how much I dig him as an action star. I do know how I feel about Jan de Bont directing action movies though and it's - in a word - queasy. So it's with trepidation that I announce that Cusack has signed on to star in an action film directed by de Bont. Cusack will star in STOPPING POWER, a movie title that seems perfect for Trailer Voice Guy. STOPPING POWER! Cusack will play a test pilot who sets of a series of high-speed chases to save his kidnapped daughter. Hmmm...that doesn't entirely make a lot of sense to me, but OK. It's like RANSOM but with John Cusack and high-speed chasing. And Jan de Bont. The script is being written by Skip Woods and Eric Red (who, in the interests of full disclosure, is a sometimes contributor to JoBlo.com and employer of our own John Fallon). Cusack can be seen this summer in two movies - the family drama THE MARTIAN CHILD and the Stephen King thriller 1408.

Extra Tidbit: de Bont and Steven Spielberg have a contentious past fighting over projects like TWISTER, THE HAUNTING and MINORITY REPORT.
Source: Variety



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