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Daniel Radcliffe stars in the spooky new trailer for The Woman in Black


I wasn't all that familiar with THE WOMAN IN BLACK, Daniel Radcliffe's cinematic follow-up to the HARRY POTTER franchise, before watching this trailer. But after seeing this creepy as f*ck trailer, it's definitely on my radar for 2012.

It's your standard haunted house movie, here with Radcliffe playing the executor of an estate that may or may not be (but probably is) haunted, but the execution is top notch. It reminded me quite a bit of THE OTHERS, another haunted house style movie that I really enjoyed.

It'll be interesting to see if audiences can look past Radcliffe as Potter and accept him in other roles. He's been having success on Broadway but the stage is a different beast than the movies. At the very least, it looks like he's got himself a strong start. Check out the WOMAN IN BLACK trailer below!

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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