De Palma strangled

Normally I'd be excited to tell you about a film titled THE BOSTON STRANGLER directed by Brian De Palma but in the wake of THE BLACK DAHLIA, I just can't be excited. Perhaps the monstrosity that was DAHLIA will motivate De Palma to make a halfway watchable real crime drama but time will tell. De Palma has signed to direct the film for producer Gale Anne Hurd (THE INCREDIBLE HULK) about the 60s killings and the controversy over whether cops got the right man. Though Albert DeSalvo was convicted of the 13 "Boston Strangler" murders and sentenced to life in prison (where he was eventually killed by fellow inmates), many believe he was simply covering up for the real killer. I'll spare you the whole saga but if you're interested, you can read all about it here. STRANGLER is an odd choice considering it's highly likely it can't be better than the modern classic ZODIAC, which didn't exactly do gangbusters at the box office. No word yet on when filming might begin.

Extra Tidbit: In the 1968 film Tony Curtis played DeSalvo.



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