Despicable Me getting a sequel, Minion spinoffs

NBC Universal has been floundering lately in almost all areas you could imagine, but recently a beam of light pierced the clouds in the form of DESPICABLE ME, which had a hearty $56M opening.

And now, naturally, there are talks of a sequel already, as the studio believes it’s onto something with its first hit in a while. Universal animation head Chris Meledanddri and writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio are already brainstorming. What giant landmark should Gru steal next?

The article over at Deadline also mentions that two short films featuring the Minions (Gru’s babbling, alien-ish helpers) are being planned, but it’s unclear if they’d precede another film in the style of Pixar, or appear elsewhere.

Universal has a long-term animation plan past their newest IP, as next up will be HOP, a Easter Bunny film with Russell Brand, Dr. Seuss’ THE LORAX, WHERE’S WALDO, THE ADDAMS FAMILY and Ricky Gervais’ FLANIMALS.

While DESPICABLE ME was certainly entertaining, I didn’t think it was anywhere close to a Pixar caliber film. What did you think?

Extra Tidbit: I could not tell that Vector was Jason Segel at ALL, and could barely hear Russell Brand in the Doctor. What’s the point of hiring famous actors if you can’t even tell it’s them, just a big name to put on the poster?
Source: Deadline



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