Director Gary Ross not returning to The Hunger Games

It's been confirmed that director Gary Ross will not be returning to THE HUNGER GAMES franchise, even after the massive success of the first film.  Ross, whose favorite of the book series was the first one, was in negotiations with Lionsgate and Fox over the past week to return for the sequel, CATCHING FIRE, but it appears they bore no fruit for the director.

Ross, who has previously helmed the films PLEASANTVILLE and SEABISCUIT, was attached to the sci-fi project OUTBACK with Carey Mulligan prior to starting THE HUNGER GAMES and will likely return to it now that the "games" are over for him.

I enjoyed THE HUNGER GAMES, but didn't think it was anything monumental.  Ross' direction was fine, but I don't see him as an auteur with a vision that couldn't be replaced in this franchise.  Much like the TWILIGHT or HARRY POTTER films, cycling directors are to be expected as money, scheduling, and interest can play a large role over time. 

At this point, Uwe Boll could direct CATCHING FIRE and it would AT LEAST make a killing the first weekend, based on the fanbase alone.  Expect Lionsgate and Fox to start the director scramble to find a replacement ASAP.  Jennifer Lawrence's schedule is filling up fast with a looming X-MEN: FIRST CLASS sequel waiting for her in January, so there isn't a moment to lose.

More as this develops.

Extra Tidbit: All right, Schmoes. Your choices for a Catching Fire director, please...
Source: Indiewire



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