Duchovny gets fake

David Duchovny, Demi Moore and Amber Heard have signed on to play a fake family in the upcoming comedy/drama THE JONESES. In what sounds to me as an inspired tale for a movie, the trio will star as a group of actors hired by a marketing company to play an upper-class family who travel the world introducing luxury products to wealthy neighborhoods. The father hates living a lie, the mother is driven by her career but finds herself falling for the actor playing her husband and the daughter is desperately trying to seduce the actor playing her father for his money. Gary "mmKay?" Cole will star as a neighbor in the new community who becomes suspicious of their seeming perfection. Derrick Borte will make his feature directing debut on the film, which he also wrote. Duchovny is working on wrapping Season 2 of "Californication" and will begin work on JONESES after that wraps. Heard (seen to the right) is most familiar as Seth Rogen's clingy high school girlfriend in PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and has a number of projects on the way including THE INFORMERS and STEPFATHER.

Extra Tidbit: Borte was previously a graphic designer for surf company Billabong.
Source: THR



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