Extended Scream 4 trailer shows tech savvy Ghostface

To say I have "mixed" expectations for SCREAM 4 (or is it SCRE4M?) would be putting it mildly. No one really asked for Craven to return to his once-great horror parody-ish franchise, as really, what more was there that could be done with it? 

Well in this new trailer for the film, we get to see what's new, and actually, it's explained to us in the film's trademark "meta" style. Kills need to be more outrageous (not true, there's a limit as proven by Rob Zombie's HALLOWEENs) and the killer needs to film his kills (handheld cam horror is all the rage I suppose). Oh, and virgins can die now.

The trailer shows the cast in various states of panic running away from Ghostface as we might expect. We also get a glimpse of the anticipated Kristen Bell/Anna Paquin dual blonde cameo that reminds me of an opening to one of the Scary Movies. Which is in part a parody of SCREAM. Which is itself already a parody of horror in general. My head hurts. Just watch it:

Extra Tidbit: Anyone see Craven's MY SOUL TO TAKE? If that's an indicator of what's to come, uh oh.
Source: JoBlo.com



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