First Priest Pic

First Priest official image

I was one of the very hard supporters of Paul Bettany to play the Joker, and although I was just as floored as everybody else by Ledger's performance, I still say this guy deserves a big bad part to put him square on the map. If he can score Jennifer Connelly, he should be a superstar...

So to alleviate the painful year we'll have to wait before seeing him in PRIEST, Sony Pictures released on the film's site the first official pic of the tall blond guy as a badass cleric who hunts down nefarious creatures. And NOT an albino monk who has it for Tom Hanks. Doesn't show much, but just enough to make me start crossing months off the calendar.

The film takes after a comic book series from Hyung Min-woo, described as a western laced with horror and dark fantasy AND martial arts, of course. Unless someone decides to delay this baby on us like oh so many other movies have been recently, we'll get to see Paul kick demonic butts on August next year. Follow the pic to see it in glorious full size.

Extra Tidbit: Bettany is still the only one I'd forgive WB for replacing Ledger with as the Joker.
Source: Sony Pictures



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